Microplane Grater/Zester


This is one of those kitchen gadgets that you absolutely need in order to make life a little easier. With this amazing gadget, you can grate or zest cheeses, onions, oranges, lemons and so much more. You’ll look like a total pro using this tool.

Add freshly grated parmesan to your pasta dish or lemon zest to your cheesecake recipe — all with ease! No more struggling in the kitchen with traditional and bulky box graters. You can use this tool right over any dish for a beautiful presentation and amazing flavor.

You may even find yourself passing on the pre-grated parmesan in the grocery store — you’ll want to freshly grate it at home with this simple and easy gadget.

Just be careful with this because it’s very sharp — I recommend keeping it in the slip cover it comes in when not in use.

It’ll quickly become one of your favorite kitchen tools because it’s low-tech yet super effective.



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