Push Present? Puh-leeze!

by Jill Simonian

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WARNING: Pregnant women around the world might want to gag me and lock me in a closet after reading this, but I can't hold it in any longer. What is up with the obsession of getting a Push-Present?

I say this as an eight-months pregnant chick AND a mommy of a one-and-a-half year old. (So I do in fact have reference and perspective when addressing this topic.) Yes, we give up our bodies while a baby sucks the life out of us for 9 months. Yes, childbirth is not pleasant. But puh-leez. Can we get over ourselves already?

The notion of a Push-Present has seemingly become a topic of widespread acceptance across various ages and social backgrounds. When did this happen? My mom never even heard of such a thing until I explained to her what it was. Her response? "Geez, your generation can be very demanding." I agree.

As I was shopping the other day, leisurely looking at watches and jewelry to kill some time, I had several different women ask me "Are you shopping for your Push-Gift?" "Nope. No need for one of those." The look on their faces was similar to what I'd imagine they'd look like had I told them that I'm really having an alien's baby and giving birth on Jupiter.

Am I that naive - or perhaps stupid - not to demand some expensive bauble from my husband just for being a willing participant in building our family? Don't get me wrong -- of course I love getting gifts (anyone does!) but to turn the birth of our baby into a pressured requirement for my husband to show up with something sparkly in the hospital has always seemed ridiculous to me... before, during and after having a baby.

Every man I've ever talked with about this rolls his eyes at the sheer mention of a Push-Present (and I'm talking about good, decent, nice guys who adore their wives and girlfriends). And what happens if the mom-to-be has a C-section? Does that mean that she should demand a bigger and better bauble to account for the 2-4 week recovery PLUS a lifelong scar right above her hoo-ha?

Those who know me know that I LOVE to shop, am obsessed with glamorous things and am not at all opposed to appropriately spending hard-earned money to commemorate life's occasions. So, I can also rightfully ask: Have we as women become that arrogant and materialistically entitled when it comes to expecting a Push-Gift from our partners?

Call me crazy, but Christmas, birthdays and anniversary gifts seem to be plenty. I actually feel for the guys on this one... give 'em a break! Do we really need to be 'rewarded' for something that is rewarding in itself? Isn't having the baby enough to keep us all excited and happy for a while? But maybe I'm just a stick in the mud.

Honestly, I think we're just lucky that our husbands haven't turned the tables on us (yet). How would you feel if men expected us to spend a small fortune to reward them for their "good swimmers" that got us knocked up in the first place?

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