Fun Valentine’s Day Finds for Kids


If you are like me, you have more than one sweetheart to think about on Valentine’s day. I’m talking about your kids!

This sweet holiday is geared towards loved ones, so why not include your little ones?  I find it more difficult each year to find something more than pure dose of sugar. So I am always on the look out for cute and unique finds.

Here are some of my favs:

1. Sweetheart Manicure Set – These cute manicure sets are perfect for those with tween or teens.  They come included with nail clippers, scissors, file, cuticle tool and tweezers, and it is perfect size to fit inside your purse.

2. Galaxy Wars Necklace – This is a perfect find for my Star Wars obsessed lil man!  It comes in red and blue so you can pick which side you are on.

3. Retro Block Heart Necklace – LEGOs are super popular in my household.  This necklace is a super cute, trendy find and it clasps by pushing the two blocks together.  I’m bummed I couldn’t find a manly version for Brennen.

4. Giant Gummy Bear – Alright this isn’t the amount of sugar most parents want to allow their kids, but really, who can resist a giant gummy bear.

5. Pick Me Up and Go Ape – Hallmark always has unique finds.  This cute ape goes wild when you lift him by the arms.  Even better, it’s specially priced when purchased with cards!

6. Animal & Monster Hand Tattoos – Who needs a sock puppet, these cute tattoos are fun finds for the lil guys and girls in your life.  It is non-toxic and you just apply using water.

7. Sweethearts Candy – Valentine’s day wouldn’t be the same without some conversation hearts.  How else would everyone know that you want them to ‘Be Mine’?

What are some of your favorite Valentine’s Day finds?



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