Love The Volunteers In Your Life!


This Valentine’s Day, show a volunteer that you care!

How many different activities are your kids involved in? How often do you run across a volunteer in your day-to-day life? You might be surprised, they’re everywhere! Volunteers make a huge difference in running an organization smoothly and efficiently. Your favorite soccer team coach, a creative room mom or a fellow pal at a non-profit are all volunteers who deserve a special Valentine thank you.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to thank a volunteer. How about turning it into “take a volunteer on a date day”? Make a lunch date with your favorite volunteer, and surprise him or her with a handwritten note of appreciation and gratitude.  Or try one of these seven simple ideas from the VolunteerSpot team to show your appreciation on Valentine’s Day:

1. Turn the Tables

Become a volunteer for a day in the life of a volunteer in YOUR life! Call up and ask how you can help during Valentine’s Week. Find examples of  ways to jump in and thank volunteers on the Blog.

2. Create Children’s Art

If your organization serves children, a handmade valentine from the kids is always a heart warmer. Create a useful gift by decorating a tote bag with the kids’ handprints – perfect for a room mom, team sports coach or Scouts leader.

3. Extend the Love

Small root/bulb vases are sustainable alternatives to a fresh bouquet – volunteers are reminded that you care into the coming months as the roots grow and flowers bloom.  Keep it even simpler by donating to a charity in their name.

4. A-Z Volunteer Recognition Ideas

Find terrific ideas in a handy (and free) ebook for honoring your favorite volunteer .

5. Use Social Media

‘Share’ the love and write a thank you note on Facebook; or have your group create a short gratitude video-gram and post it to YouTube! Check out two more ideas for using Social Media to thank a volunteer!

6. Don’t Forget the Parents

Parents are volunteers too! If you work with kids, you know your best resource is often the parents of those same kids. Be sure to remember them this Valentine ’s Day.  One idea is to hold a ‘give back’ car wash for the parents (and other volunteers) in your organization. Plus check out several more ideas to give back to parents.

7. Get Creative and Think Praise

Write notes of appreciation to the volunteer’s spouse or the organization leader. Create a volunteer appreciation photo wall or nominate volunteers for community service awards.

During the season of conversation hearts and red roses, take a look around at the people, leaders and volunteers who love giving their time and talents to help better our children and communities. Tell a volunteer ‘thank you’ today!

Carissa Rogers is a member of Team VolunteerSpot. She is a busy mom of 3 active kids. And when she’s not carpooling, leading the PTO or playing photographer; she’s connecting, consulting, freelancing, volunteering and lots of other ings … a GoodNCrazy mom of all trades. Connect with her on Twitter: @CarissaRogers.



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