Wack Job Neighbor

Ok, so we’ve all had our fair share of crazy neighbors to deal with in our neighborhoods. It’s unavoidable, they’re everywhere no matter where you go. Last year we moved from a beautiful and luxurious apartment, which to this day I still miss and wouldn’t have left if the bloody commute wasn’t so long, to a nice little townhouse near my parents house. We had many reasons for the move 1) it was closer to my parents and I’m not turning down free babysitting while I’m at work 2) I wouldn’t have to get up before day break to get my daughter to my parents and then back so my husband could have the car 3) it was closer to my hubby’s work 4) I wouldnt’ have to take an hour bus ride on Rt. 76 (if you live/have lived in the Philadelphia area, you’ll know that 76 is the most unpredictable road in the world! Yes, I said WORLD. It can be 3:30 AM and there would be a traffic jam on that road. Don’t ask me how, there just is and there’s never an explaination for it).

So, back to the townhouse… We moved in September 2009 and though “this is a great little find!” NOT!!! Our neighbor to the right is sweet as can be and her son (who is like 40 and still living at home, a little weird in my book) is very nice and always helps me by taking out my trash when my husband is at work so I don’t have to haul the my toddler to the back of the townhouses. Carol, my neighbor, even cuts mine and my daughter’s hair at not charge, so I really love them! To the left is another story.  Read more…



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