Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza


Flu season is traditionally the heart of winter, but influenza can strike you and your family at any time of the year. If your child, partner, or you come home with aches, fatigue and a cough, influenza has probably entered your home. Fight it with some natural treatments to get everyone back to health.


As influenza moves through your body, it can take quite a toll. Muscles aches and absolute exhaustion are common symptoms of influenza. Help your loved one rest well and sleep enough with some natural treatments. Herbal tea that doesn’t contain caffeine is a comforting, warm drink for those with influenza. It will help relax him and allow him to sleep better. Warm blankets and heating pads can relax tense, aching muscles. A back massage may also help a person with influenza relax and sleep better.


Make sure the person who has influenza is drinking plenty of water or other preferred liquids. Influenza often brings a fever, which may cause the sufferer to lose moisture through sweat. Choose a nutritional drink, which may include tea, juice, milk or water, and serve your patient as much as you can to prevent dehydration and its consequences.

Run Its Course

For most patients, the best cure for influenza is to let the body fight the illness itself. Only in severe cases or complications are medications necessary. If you are letting your patient fight the influenza, help him fight it most effectively. Make sure his body is full of vitamins and nutrients that will support his immune system. Fill him with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Applesauce and other pureed versions may be the most appealing to those with influenza, as sore throats are a common symptom.


Many associate influenza with nausea or the stomach flu. However, nausea is not the most common symptom of influenza. Not everyone with influenza experiences nausea, although some do. If your patient has an upset stomach, serve some ginger ale or peppermint tea to calm his tummy and get plenty of liquids in him.


While influenza can come any time, winter is the most susceptible time. Many opt for an influenza vaccine at this time. If you are looking for a more natural option, keep your immune system strong. Eat healthy foods full of fruits and vegetables and get plenty of antioxidants. Avoid being around those who are sick and wash your hands often.



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