Stylish Hairstyles for Teens

During childhood, your kid was likely too concerned with playing to focus any attention on her looks, but this will change as she becomes a teenager. During the teenage years, your child will develop a newfound interest in her appearance, beginning to be concerned about her image. If your teen is entering this stage of self-conscious stage, helping her select an appropriate hairstyle is an easy way to make her appearance more pleasing and boost her confidence.

Half-Up Do

A half-up do gives your teen a casual yet polished look. After washing and drying your teen’s hair, pull the top half up and secure with with a barrette or ponytail holder. For a casual half-up look, leave her locks straight. For a more polished look of this type, curl her tresses to give them body and bounce.

The Pouf

Many teens are eager to imitate the voluminous retro hairstyle that they see on the heads of some celebrities. The pouf is actually an easy look to create. To craft a pouf, teens need to simply brush their hair back, grab a chunk of hair from the top center of their heads, and push it up, securing it with several bobby pins, To make the pouf appear more a part of a cohesive hairstyle and less an out-of-place lump, consider curling your teen’s hair or pulling the rest back to showcase this voluminous hair design.

Swoop Bang Styles

Swoop bangs can give any hair cut a soft edge and draw attention to your teen’s lovely face. When you next have your teen’s hair cut, have her bangs cut long, so they nearly tuck behind her ears. Part her hair, bangs included, off center and allow these face-framing locks to fall across her forehead, softening her appearance and framing her face.

Messy Ponytail

If your teen is looking for a look to get through some schoolwork or an after-school sports practice, a ponytail is the perfect option. Instead of pulling your teen’s locks back in a standard pony, select a more fashion-forward messy ponytail. To create a messy ponytail, your teen need only brush back her hair with her fingers, then loosely collect her locks at the crown of her head, securing them with a ponytail holder or scrunchie. This loose, sans-brush hairstyle will leave her locks fuller and more natural looking, giving her a casual, youthful look.



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