Effective Nail Biting Treatments


Not only do nails provide skin protection for fingers and toes, fingernails can be quite useful for actions like scratching an itch. Nail biting can be a habit that is difficult to break. While some people may be able to simply make a conscious decision to stop biting nails, other people may have a more difficult time and find themselves time and time again biting their nails. Nail biting treatments can be useful in breaking the nail biting habit.

Wiggle Fingers

Wiggle your fingers for 30 seconds when you feel an urge to bite your nails or just after you catch yourself biting them. This not only stops you from biting the nails, it provides a mental image and can help to break the habit. If you’re at work or in public, you can wiggle your fingers in your pockets to avoid undue attention.

Topical Agents

Topical agents are available to coat fingernails. These agents have a bitter or otherwise unpleasant taste so that biting your nails will cause you to experience an unpleasant taste. This is akin to negative reinforcement training, in which biting nails becomes associated with an unpleasant experience.

Fake Fingernails

Apply fake fingernails as a treatment to stop biting nails. The fake fingernails will prevent you from actually biting your nails and serve as a reminder that you have a habit of biting them.


If you find yourself biting your nails without even realizing it, try wearing a pair of gloves. This may seem extreme, but the gloves will be effective at stopping you from biting your nails. While outdoor gloves work, you can also opt for gloves for use indoors, such as the rubber gloves that are used for cleaning or latex gloves. Mittens may also be used as a glove substitute.

Nail Care

Get a manicure to give your nails a healthy appearance. Paying more attention to the appearance of fingernails can help you to be proud of their appearance and stop you from biting them. Keep your fingernails clean by washing frequently. Use a fingernail file or an emery board to keep a nice shape to your fingernails and to continue focusing your attention on their appearance.



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