Kourtney Kardashian Learns to Trust her Motherly Instinct


Kourtney Kardashian had to call 911 on Friday after her 11-month-old son Mason Dash Disick had an allergic reaction to peanut butter.

"Friday night Mason ate some peanut butter and had a little allergic reaction to it," Kardashian, 31, wrote on her blog. "He threw up within minutes of tasting it and got hives on his face. I called 911 and the fire department came immediately."

Kardashian said the fire department told her to take him to the hospital in order to avoid any risks. During the ordeal, “[h]e was in good spirits the whole time and didn’t even know anything was wrong. He even enjoyed riding in the ambulance. He’s such a good boy!!” she wrote.

What did Kourtney learn in all of this? A mother's instincts are often right! “I learned such a lesson with this…to always follow my instincts and call 911. Always better safe than sorry.”



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