21 Day Challenge: Make Creativity A Family Habit!


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It’s easy to identify the bad habits you want to kick, but how often do you sit down and brainstorm ways to add GOOD habits steps to your daily routine? 
These days, I’ve found that too many of us get glued to the television and forget to think outside the box. I wanted things to be different in my house and I made it a goal to introduce creativity into our everyday lives – it’s super important and so beneficial for the whole family. 
So how did I do it? Well, research has shown that it takes 21 days of practice to form a habit, which is the concept behind the LISTERINE® 21-Day Challenge. It’s simple – if you use LISTERINE® for just 21 days, you’ll have a healthier mouth and you’ll actually be able to feel the difference. 
Incorporating creativity into your daily routine is just as fast and easy! To get you started, I’m going to share some of my favorite tips for how to pull it off at your house.  Just practice these fun ideas for 21 days and I promise your family will love the results!

1. Quotes – When you wake up, scribble
an inspirational phrase on your mirror with a dry erase marker to the mood for the day.

2. Chalkboard
Notes – Apply the same idea and put a chalkboard in your child’s room to get his or her creative juices flowing. It’s also a great way to leave love notes for your little one :)

3. Board Games – Take board games out of the cabinet and place them on the coffee table. When they are in plain sight, your family is more likely to gather around and play. 
4. Meal Planning – Place a chalkboard in the kitchen and label it Monday through Friday so
everyone can help Mom plan the week’s dinner menu. 

5. Craft Supplies – Designate a craft area in your home with markers, crayons, scissors and paper. You’ll be surprised how much your kids will prefer this over the television.

Check out the video below for more ideas and take the LISTERINE® 21-Day Challenge and swish your way to a healthier mouth for the chance to win $500! Also be sure to check out the swish selfie theme of the week! 



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