Middle Names for Baby Girls


While most parents spend the majority of their time and energy selecting the perfect first name, your child’s middle name is also worthy of contemplation. By selecting a fitting middle name for your soon-to-be-born princess, you can create a full name that flows and tickles the tongue, giving your child the benefit of going through life with a carefully selected full name.


The name Ann is a classic and simple middle name selected by many parents. This middle name is short and sweet, making it a wise selection for placement between two longer names. Additionally, the starting letter A fits well into many monograms. Because this name is so classic, many parents also select it because it goes back through the generations.


Beth is a short, monosyllabic name, making it another good name to sandwich between a sizable set of first and last names. This name, which comes from the traditional Elizabeth, fits well with many first names and is also commonly used in hyphenated first and middle name pairings, such as Mary-Beth or Sarah-Beth.


Marie is a traditionally French name that can add a touch of femininity to a name by sitting in the middle position. This two-syllable name pairs best with first names that do not end with the same -e sound.


Alicia is a less-common middle name choice that contains three syllables and fits well with short and simple first and last names. This name can be used by parents who want a more distinctive middle name for their daughter as well as parents looking for an A name to stand between two names that begin with consonants.


Katherine is a more complex middle name choice that fits well with shorter first and last names to make a longer, more full-bodied full name. There are an array of spellings of this name, some beginning with a K, and others a C. If you wish to use this name as your child’s middle name, but her first and last name also begin with the consonant K, it is wise to select a spelling version that begins with C to avoid an undesirable monogram.


Joy is a popular middle name choice because of its positive connotation and short and simple nature. This name is monosyllabic, like many of the most popular middle name choices, ensuring that adding this name to the middle of your child’s name does not result in name that is too much of a mouthful. This name is a particularly wise choice if your child is born during the Christmas season, as this word is commonly associated with that festive time of year.



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