Ideas to Decorate a Cubicle


If you are among millions of people who call a cubicle a workplace, consider yourself lucky. Although, you may see it only as a table with three low walls, a cubicle is your sanctuary and an extension of your home. A cubicle, which usually comes in a bland color of office gray, is a blank canvas, where you can creatively decorate using ideas that will suit your personality and style.

Decorate with Function in Mind

Primarily, a cubicle should serve its functional objectives. Major considerations should be with the choices of fixtures and furniture. Your workstation should have ergonomic tables and chairs. Make provisions for an efficient filing system. Use optimum lighting fixtures, such as task and ambient lighting. Most of all, a cubicle looks more professional and functional when you do not have a lot of clutter. Throw or stow away what you do not need and keep within reach everything that you regularly use. Bear in mind that the objectives of a functional cubicle are efficiency, flexibility and productivity.

Add Stylish Wall Colors

Choose ways to add colors to your cubicle walls without lifting a paintbrush. Hang pieces of art canvas with styles ranging from modern art to traditional oil painting. The painted canvas you choose does not even need to have any image on it. You can choose a canvas painted in pure red, yellow or blue to add that splash of color on your cubicle walls. If painted canvas is not your style, try framing a fabric or wall paper in a poster-size frame and hang it on the cubicle wall for added depth and visual appeal. You may also opt for decorative gift-wrapping papers to wrap your walls with using double-sided adhesive tapes. Gift-wrapping papers are cheaper alternatives to wallpapers, and they are easier to hang, too. Furthermore, you can switch to a different wallpaper design to match the season without breaking the bank.

Use Decorative Organizers

Maximize your cubicle’s potential by organizing your items. Gone are the days that your only option for organizing your office files is by using metal filing cabinets. Nowadays, you can use open-cubed shelving units with canvas or basket bins to hold your items neatly. Department stores and designer showrooms can provide you with various options that you can use. Folders no longer only come in boring yellows; they also come in various designs, textures and colors to match your personality. Mixing and matching folders, storage bins, paper trays and pen holders will make your cubicle look well-coordinated.

Personalize Your Cubicle

Personal memorabilia like photographs of you with family and friends or souvenirs from past travels and vacations are items you can use to decorate your cubicle. Add achievement awards you may have gained professionally or academically. Remember, this is your space, so it is OK to decorate it to reflect your personality and things that will inspire you most. However, keep things conducive to work, meaning, you may put personal effects, just don’t overdo it. In addition, do not decorate with items that are not appropriate for a workplace. Consulting your office guidelines will help keep you in line with the policies. A potted table plant should be a refreshing addition, besides being eco-friendly. Lastly, free your space from negative elements, such as posters that are radical or chauvinistic by nature. This may be your private space at work, but it is still your company’s property, so try to keep it as professional as possible.



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