Easter Card Crafts for Children


Having your children make their own Easter cards will allow them to express their creativity as they express their care for others.

Creating their own Easter cards will also provide them with an opportunity to learn about Easter, practice fine-motor skills and build language skills as they consider what special message to include on the card.

Easter Chick Card

Chicks are a traditional symbol of spring and of the Easter season. Using your child’s hand cutouts, he can create a chick of his own that doubles as a holiday card. Once his hands are traced and cut out of yellow construction paper, they can be fastened to an oval-shaped yellow cutout to create the wings of the chick. The oval piece serves as the chick’s body and head. Using paper fasteners to attach the hand cutouts allows them to move up and down like wings. Legs and a beak cut out from orange construction paper and wiggly eyes glued onto the oval will complete the chick’s look. If wiggly eyes aren’t available, your child can draw eyes with a marker or crayon as an alternative. Have your child write “Happy Easter” on the front of the card and an accompanying holiday message on the back. Hand delivering the card to a grandparent, neighbor or friend would be a thoughtful gesture.

Easter Egg Card

Easter eggs are popular in both secular and religious Easter celebrations. Creating an Easter egg card craft is a simple project your child can do with a little assistance. Cutting an oval shape in half will provide your child with a broken egg to decorate. Crayons, markers, stickers, glue, glitter and other embellishments can be used to decorate the egg. While it can be tempting to help your child decorate, allowing her to decorate the egg as she wishes will reflect her style and creativity. An Easter greeting can also be included on your child’s card. When she has finished decorating her egg, you’ll need to assist her with lining up the egg halves so they are slightly overlapping. Putting a paper fastener in the left side of the egg, where the halves line up, allows the egg to open and close.

Cross Card

For many religious people, the cross is the strongest of Easter symbols. Providing your child with an assortment of paper, scissors and glue, he can create his own Easter cross card. A piece of white or cream card stock can be used as the base of the card. Have him decorate the base of the card by gluing various colored and shaped paper cutouts to it. This will resemble stained glass. While older children may create patterns with their cutouts, younger children may create random patterns, which is completely age-appropriate. Gluing a cross to the center of the card will make it a focal point. Depending on the age of your child, he may need your help in cutting out a cross and cutting up the pieces of colored paper. The back of the card can be reserved for him to write an Easter greeting like “Wishing you a happy Easter.”




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