Mark McGrath’s Twins Make for a Happy Homecoming


Mark McGrath’s favorite thing to see when he comes home? His twins, of course!

“I can’t even articulate my love for these children…to go away and come home and see their faces and see them recognize you. I mean, I used to be happy when I came home and my dogs recognized me!” Mark, 43, tells People.

“You can’t get any more unconditional than that. Now to come home to crawling babies going, ‘Ahhh!’ toward you, it’s just phenomenal.”

Mark marvels as the twins’ reach each of their milestones, including the latest one – walking.

“They’re standing now and doing that drunken two-step walk that I did so well in the ’90s,” the singer jokes. “What’s great about twins is they are trying to one up each other so they’re learning the motor skills together.”

Mark and his wife have been busy planning the twins’ first birthday party later this month.

“[Carin and I] are doing the Peek-a-Boo, I Love You theme birthday party,” Mark reveals. “It’s the first song that the twins reacted to and every time it comes on the TV – yes, my twins watch TV already – they sit and stare at the TV.”



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