Tom Colicchio’s Teenage Son Adjusts Slowly to New Baby

"Top Chef" judge Tom Colicchio, 48, and his wife welcomed son Mateo Lev two months ago and the third time parents are adjusting quite nicely! But how is the rest of the family doing with the transition?

“[Dante, 18] is actually having a harder time adjusting to the baby than the 21-month-old [Luka],” Colicchio said of his older son, who is off at college right now.

"He’s away from home and I think he feels a little left out, because he’s not here every day with him," he added.

But the former baby of the family, Luka, is loving big brotherhood. “I can really see the affection he has for Mateo–he just loves his little brother,” said their proud papa. “Although I think he wishes his little brother could do more. He doesn’t do much; he just kind of sits there, but it’s great.”

In order to connect with his Dante, the father-son duo are writing a book together this summer. “I’m teaching him–not so much how to cook in a restaurant, but basic life skills,” the chef explained. “A big part of it is the fact that he’s an adult now, our relationship is changing, and we’re reconnecting as adults.”



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