How to Induce Baby Labor Naturally


Many very-soon-to-be-moms are eager to get the show on the road. An assortment of factors, including increasing discomfort levels and a desire to meet your new infant face to face, may make those last weeks of pregnancy seem to drag. If you are suffering through these final days of being with-child, consider trying some natural labor induction techniques. While not as foolproof as medical induction options, these techniques could help you bring on labor day and allow you to greet your new family addition sooner.


Take a relaxing walk. While you don’t want to push yourself to physical exhaustion during the last stages of pregnancy, a light walk may help your infant move down into your pelvis. Once your baby does this, the increased pressure might bring on labor.

Get Intimate

Get intimate with your guy. As WebMD reports, sperm contains prostaglandin, a chemical quite similar to medications that doctors use when medically inducing labor. Even though a moment of intimacy may seem like the farthest thing from your mind when you are very pregnant, getting some sexual attention from your man may be the labor jump-start you require.


Give acupuncture a go. Studies have shown that this ancient Chinese medical practice may help some women go into labor, reports WebMD. In a study performed at the University of North Carolina, researchers found that women who received acupuncture treatments intended to induce labor did actually go into labor sooner than those who did not. If you opt to try the acupuncture route, don’t attempt to go it alone, but instead seek the assistance of an individual trained in this highly touted art.

Castor Oil

Try out some castor oil. As the Dr. Spock website reports, castor oil may help bring on delivery. This chemical produces intestinal spasms which can, in some cases, cause the abdominal spasms characteristic of labor. If you decide to try out the castor oil treatment, seek a physician’s advice as overuse of castor oil can have undesirable bowel-related effects.



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