Home Pedicure Tips


A relaxing pedicure at the spa isn’t always in the budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice pampering. Home pedicures give you the best of both worlds. Your toes get a pretty pampering session, and your bank account gets a break from the high cost of salon and spa pedicures.

Set the Mood

Your bathroom might not look like a swanky spa, but a few candles, scents and relaxing music create a relaxing mood at home. Before grabbing the nail file, prepare the room to ease your stress. Turn down the lights and light your favorite candle. Scented oil in the foot tub adds to the relaxation. Comfortable clothes and a comfortable place to sit during the pedicure also add to the atmosphere.

Soak It Up

The soaking phase of the pedicure is one of the most relaxing parts for many women. Don’t shortchange yourself on a long foot soak just because you are doing your own pedicure. Fill the foot bath or a wide basin with water that is hot yet comfortable. Starting with hot water allows you to soak longer without ending up with cold water. Epsom salt in the water helps disinfect. Essential oils in the water are relaxing and help clean the feet.

Shape Tips

The shaping of your toe nails helps prevent ingrown toe nails. Using nail clippers, trim each toe nail straight across. A pair of clippers that are strong and sturdy makes the task easier. A nail file helps smooth out the nails after trimming. Use the file to slightly round out the edges of the nails.

Fit Your Schedule

While a long, relaxing pedicure is often desired, your schedule doesn’t always accommodate that time frame. Even a few minutes to work on your toes can make your feet sandal-ready. If you only have a few minutes, go straight to an exfoliating scrub to smooth your feet. Follow up with a foot moisturizing lotion. If you have time, throw in a foot massage to help relax your feet. A quick touch-up to your existing coat of nail polish gets your toes ready for sandals.



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