Children’s Books About Potty Training


Many parents struggle to get their kids to warm up to the idea of potty training. One way to turn the tide on your potty-training struggle is to introduce picture books with a potty-training theme. An assortment of books exist that feature tales of young potty-trainers who, just like your child, find learning this new skill a challenge. By sharing these tales with your child, you may be able to help him see that he isn’t alone and that conquering the potty is within his reach.

“I Want My Potty” By Tony Ross

This potty training-theme picture book is ideal for the little girl who fancies herself a princess, as it details the exploits of a princess in the midst of potty training. After reading this book with your novice potty trainer, offer her a crown as a potty time motivational tool as a sure-fire way to motivate her to give the potty a go.

“Sam’s Potty” By Barbro Lindgren

In this picture book, young Sam is, like most boys, hesitant to use the potty. This hesitancy immediately leaves as his best friend, playful pup, discovers and warms up to the toilet. This book is a great choice for boys who hold their dogs near and dear, as the canine theme will likely captivate and delight these dog-lovers.

“What Do You Do With a Potty?” By Marianne Borgardt

This interactive picture book features movable pop-up images, making it immediately engaging to the novice pottier. Use this book as a way to introduce the concept of potty-usage. Your child will likely love manipulating the pop-ups on the colorful pages. After reading, she will be better prepared to tackle the challenges of potty usage.

“Toilet Tales” By Andrea Von Konigslow

This comical picture book tells the tale of a menagerie of animals and their attempts to use the potty. As the book progresses, each animal tries — and fails — to use the toilet as it is intended. The book concludes with an encouraging message to young pottiers, telling them that the toilet is intended for them, not these silly animals.

“Annie’s Potty” By Judith Caseley

In this perfect-for-little-girls potty training-themed picture book, Caseley tells the tale of Annie, a little girl who is hesitant to give up her diaper-wearing ways. The book follows her trials and tribulations, allowing young readers to see that potty training isn’t always easy. As the book concludes, Annie experiences potty-training success and, as a reward, gets a pair of big-girl panties featuring her favorite animal, a lovable giraffe.



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