Natural Beauty in Women


While some women depend upon a bevy of cosmetic products to create the semblance of beauty, others possess a natural magnetism and attractiveness. The concept of beauty is elusive, and many have tried to define this quality with little success. As you try to wrap your head around this principle of attraction, consider the qualities that make someone beautiful as well as the ways in which beauty is tied to science.


Defining beauty traditionally proves tricky. While the specifics of beauty remain elusive, those who have dedicated themselves to studying it agree that beauty is far from simple. Generally, these researchers agree that those who are considered beautiful often have something a bit out of the ordinary about them. While their faces are often close to symmetrical, they are never quite perfect, as perfection is not as attention-getting as distinctiveness.

Beauty as Sexual Appeal

The "Psychology Today" magazine website argues that much of what makes someone beautiful is biological in nature and that beauty is largely connected to sexual appeal. A man generally finds a woman beautiful if he views her as an inherently good mate, as this is how men were first programmed to view women back when the species began; this basic way of viewing women has never quite faded from their brains.

Inner Softness

Natural beauty might not be completely skin deep. Part of beauty comes from the aura that a person gives off. Individuals who possess an inner softness, such as kindness, compassion or dedication, often show this not only through their actions, but also their eyes and manner of speaking. While someone may initially seem stunning, women who lack these soft qualities will likely appear less beautiful to men as they get to know them.

The Perfect Size

Many connect beauty to size. Determining what size equates to beautiful seems to be largely based upon the culture that is doing the judging, reports "Psychology Today." Cultures in which food is plentiful generally view slender individuals as more attractive, as retaining this svelte shape is seen as a sign of dedication and skill. Conversely, in cultures where food is scarce, individuals who are more voluptuous are often seen as the most attractive as this fatty softness is seen as a sign of wealth.

Bolstering your Natural Beauty

While you might not fancy yourself a super model, nearly all women possess some natural beauty. To make the most of your built-in-beauty, consider your assets, and highlight them. For example, if your skinny waist is your best feature, wear belts that accentuate just how taut and trim you are. Also, don’t try to be something that you aren’t. Men can spot a phony, and someone who is not honest with themselves or others is almost never seen as particularly beautiful.



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