Pollen Allergy Home Remedy


If your eyes are watering, your skin is itching and your nose just won’t stop running and sneezing, pollen allergies may be your worst enemy. If all those blooming flowers and blossoming bushes and trees are giving you nightmares, put up a defense against those pollen powers and don’t let them stand in your way.

The Problem

Allergies flare up when your body inhales something foreign, such as pollen, and your immune system reacts. Your eyes water and nose runs, while you sneeze like crazy, as your immune system tries to purge your body of those foreign bodies. You may also experience inflammation, excess mucus and itching as your body reacts.


If you know that certain seasons or certain blooming plants cause you problems, take defensive action against them. Close your windows during this time and avoid time outside. When you have to be outside, put on a mask over your mouth and nose to filter the air you breathe. If you have a picnic or other event planned for the outdoors, reschedule it or move it indoors.

Long Term Changes

If allergies are a regular problem at your home, you can invest in some simple products and make simple changes to mitigate allergy problems. Install an air conditioner in your home and replace the filters regularly. Put an air filter in the rooms you spend the most time, such as your bedroom and your office. Make sure your vacuum has an air filter and vacuum regularly. Put covers over your mattress and wash your sheets regularly.

Last-Minute Treatment

Whether or not you are prepared for an onslaught of allergies, you may still feel the effects. If allergies have hit you, you can start treating them immediately. Go indoors, in your home. Take off the clothes you had outside, leaving your shoes in the garage. Wash your clothes immediately and take a shower, washing your hair and body carefully to rinse away all the pollen. Let the water wash over your face and eyelids to get the pollen from those sensitive places. Do this before you get in your bed, cuddle with a blanket or otherwise spread the pollen.

When It Gets Really Bad

If preventing or washing away pollen hasn’t helped, you may need to visit a doctor or pharmacist for an antihistamine. This is necessary especially if you are struggling to breathe.



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