Martha Stewart’s Daughter Releases Scathing Memoir


Martha Stewart might be terrific at making floral centerpieces, but it turns out she may not be so hot at parenting!

The domestic goddess is getting some major stains in her reputation with the release of her daughter’s scathing new memoir, Whateverland: Learning to Live Here.

Alexis Stewart, who recently became a mom herself, lashed out with some major criticism of Martha’s mothering skills in the book.

In an excerpt obtained by U.K.’s Daily Mail, 46-year-old Alexis accused her mother of some pretty unpleasant shortcomings. Here are just a few:

“There was never anything to eat at my house. Other people had food. I had no food. There were ingredients but no prepared food of any kind.”

“A woman lived near us when I was little who had married someone very wealthy and very unattractive. And my mother actually told me when I was a small child, ‘Now Alexis, if this ever happens, you make sure you have sex with somebody else to have their baby. Don’t have his baby.”

“Martha was not interested in being kid-friendly. She used to make me wrap my own presents. She would hand me things right before Christmas and say, ‘Now wrap these but don’t look inside.’”

“My mother will occasionally complain that I don’t invite her over for dinner. But can you blame me? Because, sometimes this is what will happen: whatever I serve, she’ll sip it, taste it, make a face, and push it away.”


But despite her complaints, Alexis still dedicated the book to Martha. What do you think? Is a dedication enough to make up for airing her mom’s dirty laundry?



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