How to Wear a Girdle During a Pregnancy


During your pregnancy, you are going to stretch muscles and areas that you never knew existed as the baby grows, wiggles and adapts to life in the womb. Backache, pelvic pain and other issues may crop up as your body adjusts to the growing fetus. While a girdle can provide much needed support and pain relief, a regular girdle is not recommended, according to the Girdle Encyclopedia, but, a maternity girdle can be safely and effectively used.

Step 1

Choose which month you will start using it. Many expectant mothers find they can get by the first few months of pregnancy without the need for a maternity girdle. As the months march forward and the baby grows and stretches, the need becomes apparent. As your pregnancy develops, you will know when the time has come to wear one. Wear the girdle under your clothing so it does not show.

Step 2

Determine your size. Maternity girdles typically come in a variety of sizes from extra small to 3X. Obviously, as you progress in your pregnancy, you may find a need to order a larger size than you begin with.

Step 3

Choose a style. Several different types of maternity girdles include different support strengths. Some women also prefer the maternity belt, which provides support for the belly and pelvic area, without covering the entire area. In choosing your style, think about areas where you want the most support.

Step 4

Try one on. Though you will need to try them on over your clothing, you should try them on to see how the various styles and sizes feel for you. Even if you plan to order your girdles online, you can go into a store and try them on so you know what to order. Once they arrive, you can wear one on a daily basis, or only on certain occasions, depending on your need.

Step 5

Take it off periodically. While maternity girdles are meant to provide support and are safe to wear, taking it off for at least a portion of each day allows your body to relax and breathe.



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