Family Resolutions

Happy New Year!

More consistent healthy eating (yes!)?  Taking time to smell the roses (yes!)?  Working on patience, calm, relaxing… (yes!).  We all have resolutions – – but what do these mean to our children.

This question struck me this morning when we were all snuggling in bed.  My sons (4) were super excited that the "ball dropped" and kept saying "Happy New Year" in an elated (and a bit loud for 7 am…) voice.  My daughters (7) asked questions such as, "Is it 2011 in Australia?" and "What if you are on a boat and the ball drops".

I brought up the idea of trying to each come up with a resolution at breakfast this morning – each coming up with one thing that we want to do better or different in some way.  My girls initially came up with:

M: "To be a better artist"

O:  "I want to get better at karate"

My sons weren’t quite getting the concept…one said he wants to be batman, the other superman.

Thereafter, the conversation became deeper – we talked about how our family works together and interacts.  We talked about good things, and things we want to work on as a family.  We realized we all need to give eachother time to talk, un-interrupted, during family meals.  One of my girls shared that it hurts her feelings when we "tease" her about her (very very very hysterically squirrel’s nest…) hair.  I shared that sometimes when I come home from work and everyone comes up to me at one time, I need a few minutes to gather my thoughts & chill out before switching modes.  It was a very nice way to take a moment and reflect on our family interactions. 

With the hustle and bustle and hustle some more of family life, January is a good time to take a step back and reflect.  Take a moment to share and listen.  I liked what I heard today and plan to take it to heart.

XOXO & Happy New Year!!  Dr. Jen



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