My Little Creature Of Habit


often heard parents talk about the difficulties their kids have with transitions.
Sometimes it’s a change in routine, a change in wardrobe or a change in living

I’ve never had big issues with my kids and transitions. Even my
child with autism didn’t struggle too much in this department. And 
I used to
think parents dealing with normal transitional stuff were exaggerating the
difficulty of it. Until now. 

My youngest is one of these tough “transitioners.” It’s not
so much a change in routine that gets to him – it seems to be mostly about
clothing. This makes seasonal changes quite dramatic. Now that spring is upon
us, you would think he’d happily put away his bulky snow pants. No such luck. 

My little guy runs around outside all day on Sunday in shorts and a t-shirt.
Come Monday morning, he’s searching for his snow pants. Then there is his
favorite winter hat. He would rather have his ears amputated due to frost bite
than wear a different hat. This made for some tricky situations if that special
hat got misplaced on very cold days.

funniest quirk has to do with his school uniform. He loves his school uniform
and happily wears it every day. However, if they have a special day when they
can wear regular clothes, he refuses to participate. 

On Valentine’s Day, there
was a school wide competition to see which class wore the most red clothing.
This is how the day played out:

- He
refused to wear red and went to school in his uniform;
– He came home and reported that he was the only child not wearing red;
– He was furious that his class didn’t win the contest for wearing the most

Yes, he
was the reason his class didn’t win, and yet it angered him.

weekend, my little tough transitioner turned five. He happily accepted a party
and presents, but was not happy about giving up the age of four. 

My little man appeared to have an acute case of “Peter Pan Syndrome.” When people ask him his age, his response is “still four” and we were only allowed to put four candles on his birthday cake. I figure by the time he gets used to being five-years-old, he’ll be six.

Have you
had a child who had difficulty with transitions? What ways have you found to
help your child deal with change? Was it something that was outgrown?



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