How to Give a Newborn Baby CPR


Infant CPR isn’t something we want to think about. It’s terrifying to imagine that helpless thing who is not breathing or whose heart has stopped. But the more prepared you can be, the more calm you can be in a terrifying situation. If you can be ready, you can save a child’s life in that scary time.

Step 1

Talk to the baby and arouse him to respond. If he is lying unresponsive, he may be sleeping, or there may be another problem. Shout at him. Don’t be afraid to startle him. That’s what you want right now. If he doesn’t respond, it’s time to start CPR. Yell for someone to call 911.

Step 2

Lay him on his back, if he isn’t already. Put two fingers in his breast bone, just below his nipples. Push down about an inch, 30 times in about 20 seconds.

Step 3

Lean his head back just slightly, keeping his chin off his chest, but do not extend it back or up. Cover his mouth and nose with your mouth. Breathe a mouthful of air into his lungs. Release from his mouth and let the air out. Breathe another mouthful into the lungs.

Step 4

Call 911 if someone hasn’t already. Return to CPR and continue until medical help arrives.



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