Fun Ways to Wear Hair Clips


Hair clips are right at home in nearly any vanity. Whether you have long, flowing locks or a short, cropped hair style, hair clips can add a little something to the hair style you choose. If you need a touch of drama or just a little pick up, hair clips can accomplish this task in just a snap.

High Fashion

If you are going to a grand gala or fabulous ball, a hair clip can finish your outfit in just a couple simple steps. You can cover your locks in curls or let it fall straight. Twist your hair into a bun or a French twist. Secure with bobby pins. Then choose a glamorous, over-the-top clip to finish your look. Grand feather pieces or oversize flowers, with rhinestones and other accessories, can accomplish this. Set them in your hair so they flow over and around your bun, and you will be ready to wow the party guests.

Dress Up

Hair clips are a great accessory to have with you if you need to go from the work day to a night out. Wear your hair straight or down all day at work. When it comes time to head out, choose a pearled, gemmed or beaded clip. Twist your hair into a messy bun and secure with your clips. These accessories work for other styles as well. If your hair is super short, you can slip a flower clip or other accessory into your hair, just behind your ear for a dressed-up look.


If you are looking for a casual clipped look, a clip can help you feel finished, even when you are just running out the door. Pull back only the top half of your hair, letting the back fall down your back. Hold your hair together at the top back of your head. Secure this with a fancy butterfly clip or decorated bobby pins. For an alternative, you can pull your bangs to the side, whether short or long, and secure behind your ear with a clip.


Clips are a great way to show your spirit. Look for a clip with a ribbon bow in school colors or a flower with special significance. Wear these with a whimsical braid, playful pig tails or a casual pony tail. These looks are fun for tailgate parties, cocktails parties or any time you want to show a little flair.



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