How to Reduce Breast Size for Women


Regardless of what the media may tell you, large breasts aren’t for every woman. They might look great in a bikini, but they can cause neck, back and shoulder problems that only get worse as you age. If you already had large breasts to begin with, there’s a chance that they became epic during and after your pregnancy. Some women’s breasts remain inflated for years after delivery, adding additional back strain. Starting a diet and exercise program can help reduce breast size. If that doesn’t work, you may need to see your doctor for more advanced interventions.

Step 1

Start a regular exercise program to burn calories and lose body fat. Make a plan that includes at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity, five days per week. Breasts contain a great deal of fatty tissue. As you lose weight, it’s likely you’ll also see extra room in your bra.

Step 2

Start paying attention to what you eat. No more mindlessly snacking on cookies as you pack the kids’ lunches. Eat mostly whole foods, like fresh fruits, seasonal vegetables, lean proteins, fat-free dairy and whole grains. Prepare foods in advance for those days when you feel like you don’t have time to make healthy choices.

Step 3

Build up your muscle strength. Try a Pilates or yoga class. Lift weights at your gym or get some dumbbells for your home. Aside from giving you more strength to carry around your children, you’ll also gain an increased metabolism. More muscle burns more calories, so it can be your best friend as you try to lose weight.

Step 4

Talk to your doctor about surgical breast reduction surgery. This may be your best bet if you want to reduce your breasts by more than one cup size, according to Dr. Donnica Moore of Dr. Consult with a plastic surgeon to discuss expectations, candidacy, healing times and aftercare.

Step 5

Avoid breast reduction creams or pills. They’re not verified by the FDA and when you use them, you take a gamble with your health. Odds are, they’re ineffective and since they’re not regulated, they could contain ingredients that interfere with your medications or cause side effects.



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