How to Make Your Own Organic Soil


Organic soil lacks the chemical additions that bagged topsoil contains. You can make your own organic soil from compost that you create in your own backyard. Your home manufacture of all-natural, living, organic soil can begin at any time during the year.

Step 1

Start with a compost bin or choose a 5 x 5-foot section of your yard to create a compost pile. A 5-foot square patch of dirt or grass set away from wooden structures, trees and fencing is ideal.

Step 2

Rake any loose leaves or grass cuttings that you have around your yard into the chosen area. This will be the area that you always use to dispose of your grass cuttings and fallen leaves.

Step 3

Toss your kitchen scraps into the compost pile after each meal. Possible scraps include coffee grains, eggshells, vegetable and fruit peels. Uneaten scraps such as overripe fruit also make a good addition. Do not add meat, skin or bones to your compost possible. These foods can give your compost pile an awful odor and may also attract rodents.

Step 4

Continue to keep the compost pile moist during the breakdown by spraying it with the garden hose several times a week, maybe even more if the weather is extremely dry. The idea is to maintain constant moisture, which will help to increase decomposition of the compost material. The aerobic activity that takes place within the compost pile during decomposition creates warmth inside the compost pile. If you live in a cold climate, you can further insulate the compost pile by surrounding it with hay bales. A wood plank or compost blanket, placed over the top of the pile, can keep the snow off. Just lift the wood or blanket to add more scraps to the pile.

Step 5

Add the compost to your flowerbeds, garden or potted plants after decomposition. Compost is usually ready for use within two to three months. You will know that the compost is ready when it turns a deep brown color with no traces of green. Since you are constantly adding new material to the pile, you will find that the bottom of the pile is ready for use despite the fact that the top is still decomposing. Remove what you need from the bottom by scooping it out with a shovel, and leave the top alone.



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