Excessive Tiredness During Pregnancy


While some people assume that women wouldn’t begin to suffer from sleep exhaustion until after the baby is born, most currently or previously pregnant women will tell you that the pregnancy itself brought on noticeable bouts of tiredness. As a woman’s body goes through the changes associated with growing a baby, exhaustion commonly results. If you are struggling through your own period of pregnancy-induced sleepiness, consider how much exhaustion you should expect as well as what is at the root of this issue.

Physical Causes

The tiredness that commonly accompanies pregnancy has an easily identifiable physical cause. As the March of Dimes reports, a woman’s body begins producing progesterone upon detecting the presence of a fertilized embryo. This hormone readies the woman’s body to house the egg, but it also leads to sluggishness and exhaustion. Additionally, because more of the woman’s blood and bodily nutrients are being sent to her growing infant, she has less to keep her going during the day, leading to exhaustion.

Emotionally Educed Stress

While the primary cause of your exhaustion is likely the physical changes that accompany pregnancy, some emotional issues can elevate your level of exhaustion to even more excessive levels. As the March of Dimes reports, women who experience mental or emotional stress during their pregnancy are more prone to feelings of fatigue. If you are more exhausted than you can handle, consider whether your stress level may be to blame, and, if so, work to reduce the amount of stress you feel.

Indication of Anemia

Fatigue that is markedly beyond the norm during pregnancy could be a sign of a more serious medical condition. Anemia, or iron-deficiency, effects nearly 50 percent of all pregnant women, and often manifests itself in exhaustion. When a woman suffers from anemia, her body lacks the ability to carry oxygen in her bloodstream properly, making her body work harder to perform basic daily tasks, and leading to increased tiredness levels. If you suffer from anemia, your doctor will likely prescribe iron supplements. This, in turn, may lead to increased energy levels.

Reducing Pregnancy-Related Fatigue

While fatigue during pregnancy is largely unavoidable, you can do certain things to reduce its severity. When your body is tired, you should give it the rest it is asking for by taking breaks during the day, or secreting away for a nap here and there. Also, push up your bedtime, giving yourself more time for rejuvenation during the night. Exercising during your pregnancy may also help your fatigue levels, as exercise promotes oxygenation, which reduces levels of tiredness.

When to Call your Doctor

Usually, fatigue is something that you can deal with without medical assistance and can be reported at your next doctor’s visit; however, some extreme tiredness needs to be reported to a medical professional immediately. If you experience sudden fatigue, fatigue that just won’t go away no matter how long you sleep or exhaustion accompanied by depression, you should seek medical attention immediately.



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