Braiding Styles for Teens


Braids may make you think of “Little House on the Prairie,” but celebrities like Blake Lively, Rachel McAdams and Jessica Alba have helped bring this twisted hair style into the modern era. It’s easy to understand why: Braids are as easy-to-wear as a ponytail or hair clip but with a little more polish. The key is to skip the sweet pigtails in favor of braiding styles that are more teen-appropriate.

Sassy Side Braids

More stylish than a barrette but not much harder to pull off, sassy side braids look pretty on long and short hair. To pull them off, start with loose, air-dried hair, and part your hair down the center. Starting at your temple, French braid your hair sideways from the front to the back, so that you have a braid along the side of your head but the rest of your hair remains loose. Pin your braid in place, and then repeat with the hair on the other side. Though the braids should be roughly the same thickness, don’t obsess over getting the braids perfect. It’s the little imperfections that add to the charm of this style, explains the beauty department at “Seventeen” magazine.

The Halo Braid

Pretty enough for dances and parties but laid back enough for every day, the halo braid frames and flatters your face, but you’ll need long hair — or clip-in extensions — to make it work, warns “Glamour” magazine’s beauty department. Divide your hair into three even sections, and pin the middle section into a neat bun. Braid the other two sections tightly into two long pigtails, then wrap them around the crown of your head, creating a braided halo. You’ll need plenty of hair pins to secure the braids in place.

Classic French Braid

Elegant and easy, a French braid looks pretty and sophisticated enough for nights out with your friends, but it is practical enough to tuck under your cap at a baseball game. Keep it simple and classic, or glam it up by teasing the front of your hair into a dramatic pouf before braiding the back. If you have bangs, your braid will look sweet if you leave them loose in front and chic if you pin them up or twist them into the beginning of your braid.



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