Things to Buy for a Newborn Baby


Families welcoming their second or third child into the family may already have a handle on what things the newborn will need, but rookie parents may feel a sense of relief at seeing a list of things so they can prepare. Friends and other family members may also want to know what to buy in order to present the new parents with gifts the newborn will need. The new parents could also be asked about their specific needs.


Newborns will outgrow their clothes quickly. Some of the clothing to buy for a newborn include T-shirts with side snaps, one-piece undershirts that snap under the crotch and daytime outfits that are soft and comfortable. You could also plan ahead and buy clothing in a slightly larger size, for a 6-month-old, so that the newborn will have clothing ready in case of a growth spurt. Other clothing items include booties or socks, a light sweater or cotton jacket, a small baby cap and sleeping outfits.


Some items are essential for a newborn, starting with getting home from the delivery room. Hospital staff will check that the parents have an appropriate car seat before allowing the newborn to be released into the car. A car seat that can be converted into something the baby can be carried in may be especially appreciated by the parents. A stroller is another item that a newborn may appreciate in order to get outside more and get a view of the newborn’s new world. If the mother is breastfeeding, a breast pump allows the newborn to be fed by the father.


Although the parents will likely have diapers at the ready, extra diapers will be appreciated. A diaper bin and diaper bag are useful items as well as a newborn bath tub. Laundry detergent for infants may be an item the parents will run out of quickly and need the extras. Bibs, burp clothes and bottles with nipples are additional items you can buy for the newborn.


You could buy a crib or crib mattress for the newborn, and a bassinet or cradle is another item that parents or caregivers will appreciate as much as the new baby. You could also buy waterproof liners for the crib or the bassinet.



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