Robsten Update: New Houses, Separate Hotel Rooms… Still Back Together?


What’s going on with Robsten?

Just a few days after several sources reportedly confirmed that the troubled lovers were back together, we find out that the two are getting separate hotel rooms for the big Twilight tour and that Kristen Stewart bought a house of her own.

But but but… her new digs are like literally a mile away from Robert Pattinson’s house.

Well, now they’re just sending mixed messages.

According to the real estate site Zillow, the 22-year-old actress bought a$2.1 million house in Los Feliz, a trendy hipster neighborhood in Los Angeles where she shared a home with Pattinson, 26, until the recent cheating scandal erupted.

Since the couple has been spotted out together recently (at Ye Rustic Inn, a fantastic dive bar also in Los Feliz), the relocation seems like further reassurance that they’re patching things up. 

(Looking pretty cozy, right?)

EXCEPT – they don’t just have separate houses, they have separate hotel rooms while on tour for the overly punctuated film “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.”


No, it’s ok! Before we all collectively hyperventilate over the future of Edward and Bella, I did some research they had nothing to do with the travel arrangements.

According to RadarOnline, the cold-hearted cynics over at Summit Entertainment booked the separate hotel rooms for the couple, just in case their relationship doesn’t make it through the duration of the press tour.


Now we can go back to admiring K-Stew’s new kitchen:



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