How to Wear Mineral Makeup


Mineral makeup is a gentle and natural alternative to traditional cosmetics. More companies are offering mineral products on the market through mail order, drugstores and cosmetic counters. It consists of natural pigments blended with minerals, like titanium dioxide and sericite mica, to form blendable powder foundations, concealers, blushes and eye shadows. Mineral makeup is well tolerated even by sensitive skin; it is available in a wide range of colors and finishes, ranging from sheer to matte coverage.

Step 1

Apply a moisturizer appropriate for your skin type before using mineral makeup. Allow the moisturizer to absorb completely before you do your makeup.

Step 2

Choose a mineral foundation that matches your skin tone. Tap a small amount of mineral powder into the lid of the foundation container and twirl a large kabuki brush into the powder. Tap off the excess.

Step 3

Buff the foundation into your skin, working in small circles from the outer edges of the face toward the nose. Apply additional layers of foundation to build up more coverage.

Step 4

Apply mineral blush to the apples of your cheeks with a medium kabuki brush. Twirl the brush in a small amount of powder and tap away excess, then buff onto your cheeks.

Step 5

Apply mineral eye shadow dry or wet. Dip a small eye shadow brush into the dry powder and tap away the excess, then apply as you would any powder eyeshadow. Dampen the brush for wet application, either as an eyeshadow or to use as an eyeliner.

Step 6

Apply mascara and lipstick, and then dust your finished face with a mineral finishing powder using a large kabuki brush.



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