What is the best way to take down my holiday stuff so I am ready for next year?


First pack all the breakable ornaments; wrap in tissue or place in appropriate ornament storage. Wrap any seasonal decorations (not on the tree) in tissue or packing paper. If you have bubble wrap that is even better to ensure there is no breakage! Make sure you label the outside of the storage box in large print what is on the inside. You don’t want to put the breakables on your storage shelf first and have heavier items placed on top and break them! Many people use storage bins that have Christmas colors of Red and Green so they know the season the items go with- a great idea!

There are inexpensive wreath boxes that you can store any wreaths in and can even use to store garlands by wrapping around the interior of the box. Again be sure to label the storage box!

If you have an artificial tree, determine if you can store it standing up and if so, leave the lights on! Simply tuck into a corner of your store room, cover and you are good to go for next year.

Once you have taken everything down, it’s time to place in storage. Heavier items should obviously go on the bottom with lighter items on top of them. However, if your breakables are not in a sturdy bin with a sturdy lid, be sure they are stored so they won’t fall and break when you go to take them down for next year!



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