Newborn Babies Get Bored Too!


With every wonder week, or leap, that babies make, they are able to perceive things they couldn’t perceive before. And, once they have made one of these leaps, they want nothing more than to explore their new capabilities.  That is why, with every new stage in mental development, new games, toys and situations are so attractive.  And, it is why I describe the best games and things to do with your baby with every leap in my book, The Wonder Weeks.

The first leap is 5 weeks after the due date. When you know what’s going on up there in that new brain and you know what is going to please your baby and which games to play, you will definitely give her what she is asking for.  

But, that doesn’t mean that a just-born-baby can’t get bored – even before she makes her first leap. Au contraire! Your tiny infant is not yet able to amuse herself.  As you probably noticed, she’s pretty lively. And, tempermental babies, in particular, make no secret about wanting some action as soon as they are awake.

Here are some ways to get your just-born-baby entertained:

Explore the House with Her.

Give her the opportunity to see, hear and touch whatever she finds interesting (safely, of course).  Explain the items you come across while exploring. No matter what it is, she will enjoy listening to your voice. Pretty soon, she will start recognizing objects herself.

Have a Quiet "Chat."

Your baby enjoys the sound of your voice,  But, if you also have a radio playing in the background, she will have difficulty in concentrating on your voice only.  Although young babies are able to make a distinction between different voices when they hear them all the time, they cannot distinguish one from another when they hear them simultaneously.

New Objects to Explore

Place interesting objects in convenient places for your baby to look at when she is awake.  At this stage, she won’t be able to search for them herself. So, for her, it’s ‘out of sight, out of mind.’

Experiment with Music

Try to discover her favorite music and play it with her. She may find it soothing.

In all activities, let your baby’s responses guide you!



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