It Takes A Village


The past year I’ve been working with a group of creative business developers out of NYC, creating a website designed to support family caregivers in an entirely new sort of way.

We’re now close to launch, and I want to invite Modern Moms to join us as we explore exciting new ways to support each other.

Family caregivers, after all, are each of us: moms, whose lives revolve around caregiving; moms who have special needs children who require extraordinary effort and energy; moms who worry and care about their parents as well as their kids.

At any age, we’re caregivers.

So wander on over to Register (pre-launch “Ambassadors” will get their first year membership FREE), watch the video and learn more about Caregiver Village.

And if you’ve got a special place in your heart for other family caregivers, people who face challenges similar to yours, every day, let me know. We’re currently looking for some Hosts who will help us form support groups for caregivers for people with Autism, disabilities or special needs, as well as women who care for disabled spouses (veterans, for example).

After all, caregiving is one of the hardest challenges we’ll ever face. And why do it alone when you can join a Village?

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