Toy Story 3 – A Fitting Farewell


Toy Story is a fantastic franchise – who doesn't love Woody and Buzz? But seriously, they really out-did themselves on Toy Story 3. This was truly a movie that I can't quite decide if the adults or kids liked it more! I laughed, I cried, I don't want my kids to grow up and leave the house…

But, I digress. The story has our favorite characters but time has passed. Andy is growing up and going to college. But what happens to the toys? They are hoping to end up safely stored in the attic (interesting that that is the ultimate goal). But a mix-up leads the toys to think they are abandoned so they jump into a box of donated toys. Who knew the horrors of Sunnyside Daycare – and also the laughs.


Ken (of Barbie and Ken) was hilarious, Buzz as the suave flamenco- dancing twinkle-toes will make you crack up and the exciting and a bit scary escape will leave you wanting more. It's not often that an animated movie is THIS good. Definitely a must-see, must-own movie!



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