New Trendy Women Hairstyles


If you’re looking for a style that’s more avant garde than classic or just want a fresh new look, try these trendy and stylish hair cuts and colors. Whether you opt to add a twist to your usual look or go all the way with a new cut, keeping your style up-to-date adds youth and vitality to your appearance.


Hairstyles should work with your face shape and hair texture to look their best. You can find trendy cuts and styles that are short, medium or long, and in straight, wavy or curly textures. A change in styling techniques or a rich color with shine and depth can even modernize your classic cut for a fresh new look.

Keep Your Length

If you would prefer not to cut your hair, medium to long hair can look trendy with simple styling changes. Go sleek and shiny with a high shine gel and a clean chignon at the nape of the neck or opt for a high, teased topknot or updo. Beachy waves created with a loose curling iron can add texture to a medium length bob or much longer locks. Loose, easy braids work for casual wear, providing an easy and comfortable look for long hair.

Short and Sweet

If you prefer a shorter look, a close cropped pixie or a pixie cut with slightly longer face framing bangs looks stylish and provides an easy care alternative to longer locks. The pixie is an all-over short look, typically cut with traditional scissors or razor cut for a wispier look. Go ultra short to make the most of delicate facial features, or keep a bit more length for a relaxed, messy look. A short pixie can work well for any hair texture or type. The pixie lets you pitch your hair dryer and curling iron. Simply towel dry, work a bit of a texturizing product through your hair and go.

Get Bobbed

Bobs are a classic look, but remain trendy today. The bob is a blunt-cut hairstyle, typically ranging from chin to shoulder length. Razor cutting can add movement, and heavy, blunt bangs look new and fresh, if they suit your facial shape. Bobs can be worn straight or wavy. For a relaxed look, wash and go or polish your bob by blow drying and smoothing with a flat iron. If you prefer, keep your bob just long enough to fit into a ponytail for workouts or bad hair days.

Create Curl

If you have naturally curly or kinky hair, finding a cut that works without relaxers, curling irons and a lot of damage to your hair can be challenging. Longer lengths may be more manageable and offer more styling options. Curls can’t be blunt cut, so find a stylist who can cut each individual curl at an angle for the best result. Look at celebrities like Jada Pinkett Smith and Alicia Keys for examples of long and beautiful natural curl.


Hair accessories are an easy and effortless way to add a modern flair to your style. Try feather headbands or clips, hair flowers or headbands with bows to freshen your classic look. Wear headbands a bit closer to the hairline or along with an updo to create a trendier style. Headbands and simple decorative clips can work in short or longer hair.



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