MythBusters Hit the Target Trivia Game


Can a penny kill someone if you drop it from the Empire State Building? Do sharks really go for blood? These and more questions will be answered in this game of myth-busting trivia, based on the wildly popular Discovery channel TV show.

It includes over 500 questions for countless hours of myth-busting fun. Answer a question correctly, and you get to put down a landing target or re-aim the cannon. When Buster goes flying, whose target will he hit? Play and find out!

The game is simple, fun and educational. In order to win, you need to engage trivia, logic, strategy and physics. But, the best part about this game is that it provokes thoughtful conversation and discussion with every myth.

Made for two or more players, ages 10 & up, with creative imaginations and a healthy sense of curiosity!



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