THE INTIMATES by Ralph Sassone


Spanning years and continents, beginnings and ends, The Intimates is about how Maize and Robbie, two smart and striving people, discover themselves in the reflection they see in each other, and how their connection comes to define their place in the world.

It is about the near-romantic intensity of passionate young friendship; the vexed yet unshakable bonds between children and parents; the mesmerizing thrall of sex and the false illusions that are part of its spell; the thrills and disappointments of becoming an adult; the exhilarating prospect of restarting your life repeatedly and the limits of personal reinvention; and the secrets we hide from others and ourselves as we struggle to find our true character.

About the Author: Ralph Sassone is a former editor of The Village Voice Literary Supplement. He splits his time between New York City and Annandale-on-Hudson, where he teaches creative writing at Vassar. This is his first novel.



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