Many love stories end in marriage; rare is the love story that begins with one–already promised, already worn. Set in San Francisco during the first year of Obama’s presidency,

Three Stages of Amazement deftly charts the struggles and triumphs of Lena Rusch and her husband Charlie Pepper, still believe they can have it all–sex, love, marriage, children, career, brilliance. But life delivers surprises and tests–a stillborn child, an economic crash, a ruthless business rival and the attentions of an old lover. Touched by tragedy and by ordinary hopes unmet, Lena and Charlie must face, for the first time in their lives, real limitation.

As Lena and Charlie, Ivy and Cal, face the temptations of their youth and the fantasy of the redo, they discover that real life is the ultimate challenge. Told with eloquence and compassion, Three Stages of Amazement is a true thriller of the heart, a riveting story about confronting adversity, gaining wisdom, and finding great love.

About the Author: Carol Edgarian is author of the award-winning, best-selling novel Rise the Euphrates and co-editor of The Writer’s Life: Intimate Thoughts on Work, Love, Inspiration, and Fame. She is the co-founder, editor and publisher of Narrative, the world’s foremost online literary magazine.



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