Read All About Rango!
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Read All About Rango!

Rango is the coolest chameleon in the Wild West and star of Sterling Children’s Books’ brand new laugh-out-loud stories adapted from the star-studded animated family feature film. Rango rides to the rescue in four hilarious new books which feature captivating behind-the-scenes artwork used to create the movie’s groundbreaking animation:

In the paperback picture book for young readers, “Rango: The New Sheriff In Town,” a pet chameleon-turned-sheriff named Rango needs to solve the bank robbery and save the critters of the desert town, Dirt.




“Rango: The Movie Storybook” is an image-packed storybook about a fast-talking chameleon who finds the courage to be the hero his town needs and catching the crooks who have stolen Dirt’s most precious commodity–water.




“Rango: A Hero At Last” is a Level 2 reader that showcases one of the film’s most exciting scenes where a fierce, red-tailed hawk chases Rango through town until the accident-prone chameleon unwittingly saves the day!




A chameleon that aspires to be a swashbuckling hero finds himself in Dirt, a town plagued by bandits, and is forced to literally play the role in order to protect the critters who call it home in “Rango: The Novel.”

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