Your Aching Feet Will Thank You For These Sandals


During the last few months of pregnancy, I was miserable, nothing fit, my feet were swollen and I hated every single shoe in my closet. 

I know there are some women who sparkle and glow their way right to their due date, but I was not one of them. To make it worse, I have plantar fasciitis – so finding comfortable footwear was already a big problem.
Even though the name is not so glamorous, these little puppies had my hush puppies singing their praises!
The podiatrist-designed sandals have built-in orthotic support that provides heel pain relief while improving your body alignment, posture and gait. The contoured arch support and deep heel cup make these some of the most comfortable flip flops I’ve come across.
Plus, with cute sequins, colors and patterns, they don’t look like they belong in a nursing home! Love!




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