Frequency of Urination During Pregnancy


Many moms-to-be find themselves frequenting the restroom with increased regularity as they move through their pregnancies. While these increased potty stops may be a nuisance, they are a normal part of being pregnant. Many of the changes that you will experience during pregnancy can be tied to this increased need to pee, making your increase in urinary frequency one of the many unavoidable side effects of being with child.

Hormone Induced Urination

Upon becoming pregnant, you may see a urination frequency change almost immediately as a result of hormonal changes, reports March of Dimes. Your body immediately begins producing human chorionic gonadotropin when you become pregnant, and this hormone can require you to need more frequent bathroom stops.

Elimination of Waste

As your body adjusts to being pregnant, it goes into waste elimination overdrive. As March of Dimes reports, your kidneys go into overdrive during your pregnancy in an attempt to flush as much waste from your body as possible. This extra waste production may contribute to your more frequent restroom visits.

End of Pregnancy Urges

Many women feel the need to pee more frequently most acutely at the conclusion of their pregnancies. During this end stage of pregnancy, your baby is moving into position to be born, and, as a result, his head and shoulders are placing more pressure on your bladder. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself visiting the bathroom almost hourly near the end of your pregnancy.

Incontinence During Pregnancy

Incontinence is an unfortunate side effect of pregnancy for many women. During your pregnancy, your bladder is under increased stress. As your uterus and, ultimately, your baby, push down on your bladder, the extra force can have an effect on your bladder sphincter. This muscle is paramount in your ability to hold urine in. If it can’t stand up to the pressure, you may experience some accidental urine release.

Urinary Tract Infections

Your risks of urinary tract infections increase during your pregnancy, making bathroom urges more important not to ignore. As American Pregnancy Bulletin reports, the fact that your uterus sits atop your bladder leads to an enhanced urinary tract infection risk, as this weight can prevent your bladder from properly emptying. Be on the lookout for this infection during your pregnancy. Particularly, watch for signs such as the need to urinate more often or the feeling of urgency when you urinate, as these are both signs of a urinary tract infection.

Fewer Bathroom Breaks

Many moms-to-be mistakenly assume that the way to reduce the amount of time they spend in the bathroom is to drink less. WomensHealthcareTopics reports that this is the wrong course of action. Getting enough fluid is vital to ensuring the health of you and your baby. To reduce the amount of time you spend making bathroom runs, don’t focus on how much you drink, but instead what you drink. Avoid diuretics, such as drinks containing caffeine. Also, when you do relieve yourself, you may find that you can empty your bladder more fully if you lean forward a bit while urinating.



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