Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Not Reading


Getting my kids to read is always a challenge, but once in a while we find that great book that they love and can really get in to. ‘Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Not Reading’ is definitely one of those books. Though the title might make you think otherwise, my kids love Tommy Greenwald’s newest book.

‘Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Not Reading’ tells the tale of Charlie Joe Jackson, a student that has never read a whole book in his entire life. Now that Charlie is in middle school, he realizes that reading is something he must start doing. This book is the hilarious story of how Charlie’s avid reading friend helps him become a reader.

This novel comes after years of pleading, threatening, and bribing his three sons Charlie, Joe, and Jack to read. Tommy finally decided the only solution was to write a book about how to get out of reading. The result is one my kids and I can attest to. My kids loved Greenwald’s book- it definitely got them reading!

‘Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Not Reading’ can be purchased from for $10.




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