Tips on High-Risk Pregnancy


While all moms enter into pregnancy hoping that the nine months will be smooth sailing, the task of carrying a child proves more challenging to some. An assortment of factors, from pregnancy-related ailments like gestational diabetes to the carrying of multiples, can make your pregnancy a high-risk one. While you may not be able to prevent the development of a high-risk pregnancy, there are things you can do to make it through this potentially trying time more easily.

Follow Doctor’s Orders

While all women should receive regular prenatal care to ensure the health of their baby, moms-to-be moving through a high-risk pregnancy must be even more diligent in seeking medical treatment and abiding by doctor’s requests. If your pregnancy is classified as high-risk, your doctor will likely give you strict instructions as to what you can and cannot do during your pregnancy. While some of these instructions may seem highly restrictive, it is vital that you follow them as closely as possible.

Try to De-Stress

Many moms who are in the midst of a high-risk pregnancy are under markedly more stress than the average mom-to-be. While this stress is understandable, it can also be detrimental to your baby, reports WebMD. Dedicate yourself to not stressing as much as you possibly can. To do this, listen to soothing music, think positive thoughts and focus on the happy outcome you hope to achieve, not the rocky road down which you are traveling.

Learn from Others

Seek support from others who have been in your shoes. If you have a friend or family member who has been through a high-risk pregnancy, learn from her. Asking her about her experiences may help you as you move through the process, as she may have some useful suggestions to share.

Remember Your Partner’s Feelings

As you move through your high-risk pregnancy, many of the things that you once took care of will fall upon your partner. For example, if you are placed on bed rest, it may be completely up to your partner to tend to the household chores that you once completed. Discuss this with your partner and show your appreciation for his help. While this time is difficult for you, it is likely also challenging for him. Showing your appreciation may help him move through the pregnancy more successfully.

Ask for Assistance

Many independent women find it hard to ask for help, even when they need it. When you are in the middle of a high-risk pregnancy, it is vital that you ask for assistance. Don’t feel shy. Most people are eager to help a pregnant woman and won’t mind at all giving you some assistance.



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