How to Travel With Baby Milk


Traveling can be difficult at even the best of times, but if you’re carrying formula or breast milk with you, things get a little more tricky. According to the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, you are allowed to bring more than 3 ounces of breast milk or formula on the plane, with or without your baby, as long as you declare it at the security checkpoint. Prepare ahead of time to ensure that you keep baby’s milk safe and that you don’t encounter trouble at security.

By Airplane

Step 1

Print out the TSA regulations regarding formula and breast milk to bring with you. The limit for most liquids is 3 ounces. Though you can bring more formula or breast milk than this, some agents may not be fully aware of the TSA policy. It’s helpful to have this on hand to show personnel who may be confused. The document is available at the website.

Step 2

Package your breast milk or formula in plastic containers with tight-fitting lids. If you use only plastic bags, you’ll run the risk of an agent inadvertently breaking the bag, causing the milk to leak. Plastic containers are safest. Pack more than you think you need.

Step 3

Keep your containers of milk in a separate bag. An insulated bag works well if you’re carrying breast milk or prepared formula. You’re also allowed to keep an ice pack to keep it cool.

Step 4

Tell the security agent that you’re carrying breast milk or formula and require a special search. You may not want your baby’s milk to go through the x-ray machine. You’ll have to go to a separate area for your search. Expect a same-sex agent to perform any bodily searches. The agent may wipe your plastic containers with a cotton swab or pad to test for explosives.

Step 5

Purchase bottled water once you are inside the boarding area if you need to to mix it with powdered formula.

Step 6

Keep a bottle or two easily accessible during take off. You can store the rest in the overhead bin.

By Car, Bus or Train

Step 1

Store your baby milk in plastic containers. Baby bottles work well, but regular plastic containers can do the trick as well.

Step 2

Keep the plastic containers in a cool place, such as an insulated bag or cooler.

Step 3

Feed your baby her milk as needed.



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