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Trouble Eating During Pregnancy

To support the growth of your baby, you need to eat healthy, but sometimes your body throws you a curve ball, making it difficult. You may find yourself craving milkshakes and cheeseburgers instead of your usual nutritious fare. Other times, you may not want to eat at all. Though you may experience trouble eating during pregnancy, it’s important to find ways for you to keep yourself healthy.

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Baby Colic Treatment

A colicky baby can strain even the healthiest relationship. Though it’s normal for infants to cry at least part of the day, a baby with colic will cry inconsolably for hours. The reasons for colic are largely unknown, but there are several potential treatments for colic. Experiment with colic treatments until you find the right one for your baby.

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Stool Color in Children

You never know what you’re going to find in your child’s diaper. Most of the time, you’ll get a normal-colored stool, but occasionally, you’ll be surprised with something a bit more technicolor. While you usually don’t have to worry about what you find, it’s smart to know the signs of a more serious problem.

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Early Signs You Are Pregnant With Twins

Those who are pregnant with twins have an increased risk of pregnancy complications, so it’s essential to know as early as possible whether you are carrying more than one baby. Certain signs may point to twins — or more — but the only sure way to tell is through an ultrasound. Still, it’s fun to play the guessing game by looking for common signs.

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Stomach Cramps and Pregnancy

You might expect some discomfort during pregnancy, but stomach cramps can cause you to worry. Cramping may simply be a sign that you ate something that didn’t agree with you, but it can also signal more serious problems. Learn the potential warning signs to determine whether you should be worried by your cramps.