Early Signs You Are Pregnant With Twins
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Early Signs You Are Pregnant With Twins

Those who are pregnant with twins have an increased risk of pregnancy complications, so it’s essential to know as early as possible whether you are carrying more than one baby. Certain signs may point to twins — or more — but the only sure way to tell is through an ultrasound. Still, it’s fun to play the guessing game by looking for early signs you are pregnant with twins.

Early Signs You Are Pregnant With Twins

Factors that Increase Your Chances of Twins

Certain women are more likely to have twins that others. For example, identical twins tend to run in families, so if there are other sets of twins in your family, there’s a stronger chance that you’ll have twins. You are also more likely to have twins if you are getting medical help with your fertility, such as using fertility drugs or having in vitro fertilization. Older women — those over 35 — are also more likely to bear twins.

Common Signs You Are Pregnant With Twins

If you’re pregnant with twins, there will be increased hormone levels, which can cause extreme morning sickness. Your uterus will also grow at an increased rate, which can mean that your belly looks a bit bigger — long before it’s supposed to. You may also have increased weight gain during the first trimester.

When the Signs Aren’t There

Not seeing the physical signs of twins doesn’t necessarily mean that you are not pregnant with twins. If you fall into one of the increased risk categories, then you may still be pregnant with twins, but not experience any of the signs.

When the Signs Aren’t True

On the flip side, you may have every single one of the common signs, yet not be pregnant with twins. For example, women who have been pregnant before will often see their uterus increase more quickly than those who are carrying their first child. “Extreme” morning sickness is subjective — what seems extreme to you may, in fact, be run-of-the-mill morning sickness.

When You’ll Know for Sure

Though you can play guessing games with the signs, you’ll find out that you’re carrying twins for sure at the doctor’s office. This may be through hearing more than one heartbeat, but it’s more likely to come out during a routine ultrasound. Your doctor will schedule this during the first trimester to determine the gestational age. She may order it sooner if she suspects you are having twins.

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