WWE Brawlin Buddies


L.A. Live…yep it sure was a “lively” place to be today.  Dominic and I were invited to the Mattel launch party of the new Brawlin Buddies.
What are Brawlin Buddies? Well, Mattel has teamed up the WWE to create a new line of plush dolls for your little guys to get rough with.

Not only do the dolls look like your favorite WWE stars, they talk when you wrestle with them, a feature Dominic loves!!!  We were given a preview of all of the new WWE toys including the Apptivity Set, which allows your little ones to interact with the wrestlers right on the iPad.

After a demonstration of all the new toys, the kids were allowed to take ‘em for a test spin and boy did they ever! They were launching the wrestlers with the Flexforce High Flyin Fury set and having a blast picking their favorite guy to take in the wring of the Rumblers Blastin Break down set.

After play time the kids got to meet Rey Mysterio!  What a treat this was, the boys were in shock to see the action figure “come to life.” Autographs were signed and he even took a few minutes to play with the kids before heading off to Summer Slam.

This new line of WWE toys by Mattel is so fun for the kids, I love that it allows them to use their imagination and their bodies during play time.  All and all a great day at L.A. Live and a fantastic round of new toys from Mattel.



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